____          _               _             _     ____    ____  ___  ___  
 |  _ \  _   _ (_) _ __   ___  (_) _ __      / \   / ___|  / ___||_ _||_ _| 
 | |_) || | | || || '_ \ / __| | || '_ \    / _ \  \___ \ | |     | |  | |  
 |  _ < | |_| || || | | |\__ \ | || | | |  / ___ \  ___) || |___  | |  | |  
 |_| \_\ \__,_||_||_| |_||___/ |_||_| |_| /_/   \_\|____/  \____||___||___| 
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In it's capacity as a lowbrow work of art, RUINS in ASCII and precursors
thereof have been on exhibition on the following occasions. Please contact
the author if you'd like it to appear at your venue.

20050603 New!
Ruins in ASCII has been featured in the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council's
Downtown NYC River to River Festival 2005 at the 3 Legged Dog gallery at
45 John Street in New York (20050603 until 20050625). The device quietly
hums along with works by Christopher Beauchamp, Handcranked Film (Bryan
Papciak and Jeff Sias), LEMUR (Eric Singer), Brandon Merkel, Christos
Pathiakis, Suzy Poling, Esther Regelson, Julia Solis and Hiroyuki Tsuzuki.
Interestingly enough, Ars Subterranea's Spontaneous Generation exhibit (the
metaphorical coattails that Ruins in ASCII is riding) is part of 3LD's first
production since their facility was destroyed on 20010911. For the sake of
bias and editorialization - the opening was host to hundreds, providing the
author with an unexpected number of curious visitors demanding an
explanation for the device, how it was made, whether it was safe to touch 
and where the restrooms were.
Many images are available from this exhibition.

Ruins in ASCII took up the rear-center gallery space at the Eyedrum
Contemporary Art Center in Atlanta, GA for a 19 Nov 2004 exhibition with
syn_sib, David Schuster & Rhinoctopus.
Many images are available from this exhibition.

Ruins in ASCII shared the stage at the Atlanta, GA venue The Five Spot on
11 Nov 2004 during the Little Five Points venue's weekly acid jazz, trip-
hop & down-tempo show. Performers syn_sib, Larvae, David Schuster,
Gruppe Freie Elektronische & Tabitha Soren have the author's gratitude for
not having trod upon the device.
Many images are available from this exhibition.

Technology site Slashdot: News for nerds, stuff that matters carried a story
on Ruins in ASCII entitled Linux on a Used Cash Register: Reloaded - which
generated not only 141 comments from readers, but also a rigorous
`slashdotting' of the ascii.pdp10.org host. 
Many images are available of this article along with a logfile analysis.

Ruins in ASCII has been named to the Official Selection of the Atlanta
Underground Film Festival, where it sat poised atop a podium of twelve
concrete masonry units for the Demolition exhibit at the doomed Art Farm
Many images are available from this exhibition.

The first showing of the unified sculpture and video was at the Augusta, GA
Soul Bar venue on 5 March 2003 during the city's First Friday event. In this
exhibition, the pool of 7-second videos was increased to 180 and shown for
the first time on the Ruins in ASCII device.
One image is available from this exhibition; there's a bounty out for more.

The first projection of the video constituent of this work was in the vacant
U-Bahn station beneath Potsdamer Platz, Berlin on 10 September 2002 for the
New York Underground Meets Berlin Underground event to promote the German
publication of Julia Solis' book New York Underground The Anatomy of a City.
In this exhibition, an infinite loop of 60 distinct 7-second long video
clips was shown on a double-sided screen by way of a video projector jury-
rigged to the author's laptop.
Many images are available from this exhibition.
   Thanks to Julia Solis, David Benoy, Mike Morris, Rob Nelson and Google
      Unless otherwise noted, everything here (c)1999-2005 Aaron Benoy